Dear team-representative,

A very warm welcome to all clubs. We hope you will have a pleasant competition and hope that
all the swimmers will achieve great results. To streamline our competition in an orderly fashion,
we would like to invite you to respect the following guidelines. Only the team representative can
contact the jury, no coaches or swimmers are allowed at the main jury table (a list with names of
the swimmers is available in the envelop /club. It must be signed mentioning the name and
licence number of the team representatives and handed over at jury table during warming up).


  • The swimmers enter the building via the main entrance as from 06:45 and can only access the swimming pool passing by the individual changing rooms, where they can change clothes. We ask everyone to minimally remove their shoes for hygiene reasons!
  • For team-representative and trainers, bracelets for each session are available in your envelop.
  • To use the lockers, you must compose your own personal code, and make sure to remember it !
  • The sitting places on the main stands are reserved for the public. No beds are allowed behind the stands.
  • Swimmers may not enter the swimming hall using the doors between the swimming pool and the main entry hall.

Warming up

  • The competition pool and the training pool can be used during the warming up.
  • During warming up, the lanes 1 and 8 of the competition pool are reserved for sprints.
  • During the competition and for the warming up of the finals, the training pool can be used for warming up /cooling-down.
  • Never leave the pool by climbing over the time-registration panels, always use the stairs on the side of the pool.
  • The warming up in the competition pool ends 15 minutes before the start of the competition.
    Please ask your swimmers to leave the pool immediately.

Warming up – cooling down / training pool

  • The space next to this pool is reserved for physiotherapist purposes and the call room.
  • NO beds, storage of bags or sleeping swimmers are allowed in this area.
  • The entire space around this pool must stay empty.
  • Cooling down after the morning races and after the finals is only allowed in the training pool, maximum 30 minutes!


  • Every swimmer has to be present 10 minutes before his or her competition, in the call-room, located at the side of the training pool.
  • Every swimmer leaves the water immediately after the start of the next heat, except for the 50 m competition where they have to leave the pool by the stairs, never climb over the time-
    registration panels.
  • Annulations for the finals are to be communicated at the jury table according to the timing mentioned on the results, published at the doors between the competition pool and the hall (also the reserves must be scratched).
  • Entry of the name lists of the relay teams: 09:30.
  • Timing: heats: 08:30 – finales: 16:00 (warming up starts 07:00 / 15:00).
  • Finals: check the competition rules! If a swimmer will not participate, please mention it at the jury table.
  • Medal ceremonies: every swimmer who has achieved a podium place must come and collect his medal in person (timing: see website Belswim).


  • Please keep the pool area clean and deposit all the waste in the available bags or waste bins.
  • Verify that when you leave the place where your stayed with your swimmers everything is cleaned up.


  • Open from 07:15 until an hour after the end of the finals.
  • You can only pay after you acquired cards for drinks.

Practical info

We wish you a pleasant and successful competition!