17 – 18 – 19th of May
Olympic Pool Wezenberg
Desguinlei 17-19, Antwerp – Belgium

BRABO has to honour to invite you to the OPEN Belgian Swimming Championships 2019. The competition starts each day at 9h sharp with the heats (warming up from 7h30 till 8h45) and the finals at 16h sharp (warming up from 14h30 till 15h45).

These OPEN Belgian Swimming Championships are an official qualification moment for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 as well as the last qualification option for the World Championships at Gwangju 2019.  Also for the EK JUN, the EYOF and the WK JUN, limits can be achieved.

Open BK 2019 – Invitation : BEL_SWI_OPEN_2019_Invitation

Open BK 2019 – Programme : BEL_SWI_OPEN_2019_Programme

Open BK 2019 – Youth Finals : BEL_SWI_OPEN_2019_Youth Finals

Open BK 2019 – Withdrawal Form : Form-Withdrawal-2019-NL-FRA

Open BK 2019 – Tarifs : BEL_SWI_CHAMPS_2019_Tarieven-Tarifs

Open BK 2019 – Lenex : Lenex file